As the weekend comes to a close, here’s a look at the the best avgeek videos we watched this week. From early 1990s planespotting to brand new aircraft being tested, with a Northern Lights spectacular for good measure, hopefully you enjoy these as much as we did.

Vintage Planespotting

Youtuber aeromoe’s planespotting videos from the early 1990s made us realize how much airline fleets have changed since then—and also how some have not. We started with this Los Angeles video from 1993, but quickly lost track of time with videos from San Francisco and Denver as well.

Thanks to Kevin Koske for point us to this video.

Capturing the Aurora

When photographer Aryeh Nirenberg boarded Delta Air Lines flight 446 in New York on 31 December, he was lucky to have an entire row to himself. We’re lucky he decided to take out his camera and record the Aurora Borealis on his way to Iceland.

Aryeh Nirenberg’s Delta Air Lines flight to Reykjavik

Boeing 737 MAX Water Spray Tests

When certifying a new aircraft, engineers are required to ensure that water spray from the aircraft when landing or departing a wet runway will not interfere with the engines or APU. Boeing decided to get a fresh perspective on the tests by capturing footage from above the runway with a drone.

Video of the same test performed by a 747-8F


Featured image by Uwe Wilberg

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