After a few months rest, the Antonov An-225 is ready to get back to work.

Test Flight

The An-225 was recently fitted with ADS-B underwent maintenance and Antonov carried out a test flight to make sure everything was working properly. They also conducted a low pass. Well worth watching the entire video.

The Schedule

Update 23 March—We’ve been notified that the An-225 spring schedule is undergoing significant revision, as is often the case with charter cargo flights. As soon as we receive a revised and confirmed schedule it will be posted here.

How to track the An-225

Fueling the An-225 in Almaty

Follow the An-225 with registration UR-82060 or aircraft code ‘A225’ on or in our iOS and Android app. If you’ve downloaded the app, be sure to tap Alerts in bottom menu and select Featured Flights to receive a push notification when the An-225 is in the air.

Here’s how to use aircraft filters on or in our mobile app.

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