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  • Tracking the spectacular Air Canada retro Airbus A220

    Special liveries are a beautiful thing – if, of course, you’re someone who cares what airplanes look like. And if you’re reading this, I’ll assume you are. It’s always fun to see what an airline comes up with when it decides to do up a plane in a unique color scheme. Often these are retro …   Read More
  • How soon will we fly on zero-emission airplanes?

    Airbus made a big splash this week when it unveiled three zero-emission airplane concepts and said they could be in service by 2035. That sounds bullish when you consider there’s...
  • SAS takes delivery of its first Airbus A350

    SAS is bringing home its first Airbus A350 today from Toulouse. SK9154 is set to depart for Copenhagen at 12:00 arriving at 14:00 (local time UTC +1). This is the first of 8 A350s the airline has on order. The A350 is scheduled to enter commercial service in late January, initially flying from Copenhagen to …   Read More
  • Swiss grounds A220 fleet for inspections

    Swiss is grounding its A220 (née C Series) fleet for inspections after a series of issues with the aircraft’s Pratt and Whitney engines. The airline currently operates 9 A220-100 and...
  • Condor captain’s coffee causes Cancun cancellation

    A Condor captain’s spilled cup of coffee required the Cancun-bound A330 to divert to Shannon in February, according to a UK AAIB report released Thursday. The flight was over the Atlantic Ocean this February when the coffee came in contact with the captain’s audio control panel (ACP), disabling it and damaging the first officer’s ACP …   Read More
  • Ural Airlines flight 178 lands in field shortly after take off

    Ural Airlines flight 178 made an emergency landing in a field after suffering a bird strike shortly after take off from Moscow’s Zhukovsky International Airport (ZIA) on the morning of 15 August, according to a statement from the airline.   Read More
  • Airbus celebrates its 50th anniversary with a special formation flight

    On 29 May, Airbus began its 50th anniversary celebrations with a special Airbus formation flight in the skies above France. Sadly, the weather did not cooperate for a planned flypast in Toulouse. Taking part in the special flight were the A220, A319neo, A330-900, A350-1000, A380, and BelugaXL. The Airbus formation was also met by the …   Read More
  • 2018 Aviation Year in Review

    As 2019 begins, we look back on a decidedly mixed 2018 for aviation. Positively, a variety of new aircraft entered service and airlines added new and longer routes, bridging continents. Conversely, 2018 erased the previous year’s record streak of fatality-free jet airliner accidents. Here’s our 2018 aviation year in review.   Read More
  • Airbus unveils ANA’s first fully painted A380

    Airbus and All Nippon Airways unveiled ANA’s first fully painted A380 today in a ceremony in Toulouse. ANA has 3 A380s on order and each will wear a special ‘Flying Honu’ livery featuring the green sea turtle as ANA will employ them between Tokyo and Honolulu.   Read More
  • Singapore Airlines Relaunches the World’s Longest Flight with the Airbus A350ULR

    1782 days after stopping service, Singapore Airlines is relaunching the world’s longest flights today as it brings back SQ21/SQ22 service between Singapore and New York (EWR). With a Great circle distance of 15,336 km, it is almost 1,000 km further than the current longest flight between Auckland and Doha operated by Qatar Airways. The return …   Read More
  • Thar it flies! — the Airbus BelugaXL Makes First Flight

    Airbus’ supersized whale took to the skies for the first time today in Toulouse, spending 4 hours 14 minutes above southern France. The BelugaXL will join the current Beluga fleet in moving Airbus aircraft components between production sites. The BelugaXL is 30% larger than the Beluga, enabling it to carry two A350 wings at a …   Read More
  • Route Proving with the Airbus A330neo

    On 6 July, Airbus invited us to join an A330neo function and reliability test flight from Chicago to Atlanta. The airframer is currently working towards certification of the A330-900, which it intends to deliver to launch customer TAP Air Portugal later this year. As part of the certification process, Airbus is conducting a 5 continent …   Read More
  • Airbus A330neo Begins Five Continent Route Proving Tour

    As the A330neo’s campaign for certification moves forward ahead of expected entry into service later this year, Airbus is taking the show on the road. The first production A330neo, slated for delivery to TAP, will venture to 15 cities on 5 continents over the next few weeks.   Read More
  • First Commercially Operated A380s to be Dismantled

    In 2007, the first Airbus A380s entered commercial service with Singapore Airlines. Now just 11 years later the first two A380s to fly paying passengers are slated to be dismantled and sold for parts. After trying unsuccessfully to find a lessee for the two aircraft, aircraft owner Dr Peters Group decided that the sum of …   Read More
  • British Airways and Chicago-O’Hare Airport Inaugurate A380 Service

    On 4 May, British Airways inaugurated the first regular A380 service to Chicago, beginning daily service between London-Heathrow Airport and O’Hare International Airport. The first regular service by the A380 to Chicago comes 10 years after the aircraft entered service and two years after the Chicago airport first became A380 capable.   Read More
  • Following the Airbus A350-1000 Tour

    Airbus is taking its A350-1000 on a multi-stop tour that began this weekend in Doha and concludes in Manila next month. Along the way, the aircraft will visit 12 destinations in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand before returning to Toulouse. Included in the tour is a stop at the Singapore Air Show in early February.   Read More
  • Highlights from the Airbus 2017 Delivery Figures

    Airbus released its 2017 order and delivery figures on Monday, delivering a company-record 718 aircraft. Most of the aircraft delivered by Airbus in 2017 were from the A320 family, which includes the A319, A320, and A321. 181 of the A320 family aircraft were New engine option (neo) variants.   Read More
  • The Most-Tracked Flights of 2017

    As we close out the year, we look back on some of the most tracked flights of the year, which included wildfires, the Pope, and a giant airplane drawn in the sky.   Read More
  • Tracking the Airbus A350-1000 Flight Test Campaign

    In just under a year, the Airbus A350-1000 went from first flight to type certification. Using three test aircraft, Airbus flew throughout Europe and visited North and South America and...
  • The Airbus A330neo Makes Its First Flight

    The Airbus A330neo took to the skies for the first time today, completing a 4 hour 15 minute maiden flight from Toulouse, France. The aircraft is scheduled to enter service in the second half of 2018 with launch customer TAP Air Portugal.   Read More
  • Flying the BLADE—Airbus Flight Lab A340

    Earlier today, the Airbus Flight Lab A340 “BLADE” test demonstrator aircraft conducted its first flight for the Clean Sky “Blade” project. Sponsored by the European Union, the the project is examining the commercial feasibility of using a laminar wing. For the Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Demonstrator in Europe, Airbus is once again putting A340 MSN 001 …   Read More
  • Continuing Toward a Global ADS-B Ecosystem

    ADS-B-supported surveillance offers the most promise for the widest variety of safety, environmental, and operational performance solutions and we continue to work with a variety of industry leading partners to develop global coverage solutions.   Read More
  • Easily Track the Airbus A320neo Family and Boeing 737 MAX

    The 737 MAX and A320neo family recently received ICAO aircraft type codes, making them easy to track on Flightradar24.   Read More
  • Visualizing a Special Day for the Emirates A380 Fleet

    On 26 March, Emirates launched two brand new A380 routes and re-inaugurated a third, marking the occasion with events in Tokyo, Casablanca, and São Paulo. Emirates asked us to visualize the flights and the rest of their A380 fleet’s travel for the day. We created two visualizations and noted a few statistics about the day’s …   Read More
  • AvGeek Videos of the Week

    Each week we spend hundreds of hours tracking flights, but we also make time for other avgeek pursuits, like the videos below. This week, we visit the flight deck of a 737, watch a passenger jet perform some acrobatics, see Boeing’s new 737 MAX 9 for the first time, and get our first glimpse at …   Read More
  • The Emirates A380 Fleet Revisited

    In April, we followed the Emirates Airbus A380 fleet for a day, tracking their then 75-strong fleet. Since April, Emirates has inaugurated new routes—both long and short—and grown their A380 fleet to 88. With this in mind, we decided to check in with the world’s largest A380 fleet.   Read More
  • The Airbus A350-1000 Takes to the Skies

    Yesterday in Toulouse the Airbus A350-1000 took flight for the first time, embarking on a yearlong flight test campaign before Qatar Airways puts the first delivery into commercial service in late 2017.   Read More
  • Tracking Airbus 10,000 and the Rest of the Airbus Fleet

    On Friday, Singapore Airlines will take delivery of its sixth Airbus A350. That airplane, to be registered 9V-SMF, is also the 10,000th aircraft delivered by Airbus. We take a look at Airbus’ historical deliveries and what’s ahead for the airframer as well as how you can track Airbus aircraft on Flightradar24. All data below is …   Read More
  • Bio-fueling Deliveries at Cathay Pacific

    With the delivery of its first Airbus A350 last month, Cathay Pacific embarked on a biofuel test program in anticipation of regular commercial use in the coming years. We talked with Cathay Pacific to see how using biofuels is different than traditional fuels and what the airline has planned for the rest of its A350 …   Read More
  • Flightradar24 Goes to Farnborough

    Yesterday we had the pleasure of attending the Farnborough Air Show, touring some of the static displays and taking in the impressive flying displays. The air show opens to the public this weekend, 16 and 17 July. You can track much of the airshow with our short guide.   Read More
  • Following the Emirates A380 Fleet for a Day

    At the end of March, the Emirates Airbus A380 fleet numbered 75 and the airline has an additional 67 of the type on order. Emirates A380s make up 40% of delivered A380s and 57% of total orders. With such a large fleet, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at a day …   Read More
  • A Week of Firsts and Lasts in Aviation

    This week has been a week of endings and new beginnings in aviation, with a major milestone for good measure.   Read More
  • Inside the Airbus A350XWB

    We were privileged to receive a tour of the Airbus A350XWB as part of Airbus’ #A350XWBTour of the Americas. We flew the airplane from Chicago-O’Hare International Airport on a demonstration flight, returning after about 90 minutes. We were then able to get an in-depth look at the aircraft, including areas not normally seen by passengers.   Read More
  • The 2015 Paris Air Show

    Next week, the aviation world gathers at Le Bourget Airport for the Paris Air Show, the longest running aerospace trade show in the world. For a week in Paris, aviation’s latest and greatest will be on display on the ground and in the air. We’ll be updating this post with information about which aircraft are …   Read More
  • Where Airplanes are Born

    Arriving on barges, train cars, or inside specially modified airplanes, components of new aircraft are shipped to massive, complex factories around the world, where Boeing, Airbus, and other aircraft manufacturers assemble new airplanes and test each one to make sure it’s in proper working order before delivering it to its new owner. Tracking new planes …   Read More
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