On 19 June, we were fortunate enough to join the pilots of Norwegian flight DY4221 (NAX21U) on the flight deck for the four hour flight from Stockholm-Arlanda to Málaga. When we weren’t busy staring out the window or staying out of the way, we took a few photos and some video.


We received our departure clearance and headed for Runway 01L, ready to depart via the NOSLI 4 C Standard Instrument Departure (SID) up to 5000 feet.

Our departure clearance, off Runway 01L, via the NOSLI4C departure

Flightradar24 In Flight

Cruising over Germany, we took the opportunity to check Flightradar24. The in-set screenshots and the photo were taken less than a minute apart.

Checking Flightradar24 in flight over Germany

South of Freiburg we made a gentle right turn to put us on a course over Basel.

A right turn towards Switzerland

After passing Geneva, Lyon, and Toulouse, we made a slight left to cross the Pyrenees.

Turning south to cross the Pyrenees
Preparing to cross the Pyrenees at 37,000 feet

One last look at the instruments as we descend through 14,000 feet approaching Málaga.

Descending into Málaga

Flightradat24 Data

See playback of DY4221.

Playback of DY4221


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