We’re excited to unveil the updated Flightradar24.com, packed with lots of great updates and performance improvements. We’ve worked hard to make this the best flight tracking experience possible and this update also lays the groundwork for a host of new features we’ll be adding in the near future.Take a look at the tutorial video below to get an overview of what’s new and what’s been redesigned.

Updated Flightradar24.com tutorial

What’s new

To start, our Most tracked flights feature is now available on the web. This list shows the currently most tracked flights on Flightradar24. The list is updated every minute and clicking on a flight will take you directly to that flight. Most tracked flights that are also squawking 7600 or 7700 are noted in the list as well.

We’ve added a ‘Home’ button that acts much the same as the mobile app. Tap the arrow and you’ll be taken to your location on the map so you can view traffic in your area.


The Settings bar has been moved to the bottom of the page and there are five buttons to choose from. Settings contains all the map settings and modifications, like aeronautical charts and the like, as well as the visibility settings to choose various data sources. Weather now has its own button and you’ll find all the weather-related settings there.

Filters allows you to filter for flights based on a variety of parameters. You can read more about filters on the updated Flightradar24 site here. Bookmarks and Playback round out the Settings bar. Since some filters can now be combined and as all new filters are automatically saved, the functionality of Bookmarks has changed. Bookmarks will control map type and location. Filtering aircraft will need to be applied through the Filters area.

Playback has been updated with a new date and time picker, making it easier to select the date you wish to view.

Map Controls

Map controls on the right hand side of the screen now enable a true full screen mode or the old style of just removing the top navigation bar. To enable full screen mode, just click the button and then click anywhere else on the screen. To bring back the map controls, click anywhere on the screen that isn’t an aircraft icon.

Multi-select with more flight data

We’ve redesigned the Multi-select function to include more flight data. You’ll now see the flight number and call sign, airline, route, aircraft type, registration, altitude, estimated time of arrival, and a photo of the aircraft.

New multi-select mode with additional flight information for each selected flight

Updates behind the scenes

With this update, we made a lot of changes to Flightradar24.com behind the scenes. These changes mean the site should load faster and will enable us to add additional features in the near future that haven’t been possible before. Stay tuned for more on that soon. If you have any feedback or spot any issues, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Happy tracking!

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