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Behind the Scenes of a UPS Airlines Air-to-air Photo Shoot

On 16 September, we received about a dozen messages on social media regarding a low flying plane over Los Angeles being shadowed by a single ‘fighter jet’-like aircraft. Upon investigation, it became clear that it was a UPS Airlines air-to-air photography flight with Wolfe Air. This week, UPS Airlines released behind the scenes footage from the flights. (more…)

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Special Delivery—the Holiday Shipping Season

From the last week of November to the end of December FedEx and UPS see a surge in shipping as holiday gifts make their way from manufacturers to retailers to consumers. For 2016, FedEx anticipates it will double its average package volume to 25 million shipments on each Monday during the season. UPS has said it expects 13 of the 21 delivery days before Christmas to exceed 30 million packages. (more…)