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AvTalk Episode 31: Aviation Uncertainty

On this episode of AvTalk, aerospace journalist John Walton joins us for a wide ranging discussion about aircraft and airlines new and old. And we speak with Joe Duval, the chief test pilot at Honeywell Aerospace about what it’s like to fly a 757 with an engine attached to the fuselage and some of the other interesting projects he’s working on. (more…)

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British Airways Leasing Nine Qatar Airways Aircraft During Cabin Crew Strike

In an effort to mitigate the effects of a planned 16-day strike by its mixed-fleet cabin crew, British Airways is leasing nine A320 aircraft from Qatar Airways. The aircraft were flown from Doha to London on 30 June and will enter service on 1 July. (more…)

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French ATC Strike to Affect Flights, 6-10 March

French Area Control Centers participating in strike action between 6-10 March

A multi-day strike by French air traffic controllers in the Brest and Bordeaux area control centers (ACC) will affect traffic in and around France beginning 6 March at 0500 UTC through 10 March 1900 UTC. The strike will additionally include controllers from the Marseille ACC from 07 March 0500 UTC to 10 March 0500 UTC. During the strike, traffic that normally transits the ACCs and some traffic to and from airports in the sectors will be affected. (more…)