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Clearing up Call Sign Confusion

Every few months, when airlines introduce updated schedules, we note that some routes may initially be displayed incorrectly on Flightradar24 because of new call signs. The new call signs that most affect route matching are the alphanumeric call signs used by an increasing number of airlines. We’ll explain how alphanumeric call signs have made our job slightly more difficult, but have made flying even safer. (more…)

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Ready for Winter—a Look at Aircraft Deicing

As winter arrives, airports dust off their deicing equipment and ready for another season of cold, snow, and ice. While a car may be safely operated partially covered in ice or snow, aircraft must be completely free of contamination to assure a safe flight. Deicing can sometimes lead to flight delays, but the alternative is far worse. We spoke with Andrew Poure, a former aircraft deicer, to learn more about what goes in to deicing a plane and how the orange or green liquid being sprayed on the plane actually works. (more…)