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Air India Taking Advantage of Tailwinds

On 15 October, Air India adjusted the routing of its Delhi—San Francisco flight to increase the distance of the flight by over 1000 kilometers. In doing so, however, the airline saved 2 hours and 15 minutes of flying time. How did they manage that? In a word: wind.

Track the Pacific flight to San Francisco as AI173/AIC173 and the return flight to Delhi as AI174/AIC174.


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Introducing Aeronautical Charts in Flightradar24

With Flightradar24 you have always been able to see where aircraft are flying. With our latest addition of aeronautical charts, you’re now able to see why they’re flying there. While the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, flights don’t actually travel directly from airport to airport. Commercial aircraft use a system of waypoints, navigational aids, and airways to navigate through the sky safely and efficiently. Those waypoints and airways are now available to our users with a Gold or Business subscription. (more…)