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Using the New Flightradar24 KML and CSV Export Tools

With the release of the new Flightradar24 we added a host of great new features, but the biggest additions to our historical data are CSV and KML files. In addition to our standard online playback, premium subscribers are able to download CSV and KML files for offline use. CSV files provide a detailed record of a flight’s position and flight information, while KML files offer that information in a file suitable for use in a program like Google Earth. (more…)

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A Week in the Life of Three Types of Airplanes

Airline operations staff spend a lot of time making sure they are getting the most out of their aircraft. That means using the right aircraft on the right route. For some airlines, like Southwwest or easyJet, that problem is solved by having one type of airplane and a route network that fits the aircraft’s performance. For others, like United Airlines or Qantas, it means having multiple types of aircraft for different missions. (more…)