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New Flightradar24 ADS-B Receivers Activated in September 2016

During the month of September, our nearly 150 new receivers helped us track 4.8 million flights. Hundreds of those flights were tracked by our most exciting new receiver, FloatRadar24, our Wave Glider equipped with ADS-B receivers. Alongside our ever-growing network of ground receivers, FloatRadar24 is our second non-terrestrial test as we move towards global ADS-B coverage. (more…)

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FloatRadar24—Our ADS-B Receiving Wave Glider

Thank you to to the thousands of people who voted in our Wave Glider naming contest. With over 52 percent of the vote, our Wave Glider shall now be known as FloatRadar24.

Many thanks also to those who voted for the runner up, Planey McTracker Face, which secured 28% of the vote. (more…)