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Understanding Extended Mode S Data in Flightradar24

With the release of the latest version of the Flightradar24 website we introduced new flight details called Extended Mode S data. We’re proud to be the first flight tracking service to offer this additional flight data. We receive the Extended Mode S data directly from the aircraft we are tracking and decode the data for display on the website. Extended Mode S data can include additional information about the speed and altitude of the aircraft as well as weather information. Extended Mode S data is available to subscribers with a Gold or Business subscription. (more…)

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Metrojet 9268 Extended Mode-S Data Decoded

In addition to our initial data, we have decoded¬†Extended Mode-S data from a single receiver with the best reception in the area of Metrojet flight 9268. This is additional data sent from the aircraft when requested by air traffic control. This data is raw data from the aircraft that has been decoded, but not processed, by Flightradar24. Our previously released data set was synthesized data from multiple receivers processed normally through Flightradar24 servers and did not include Extended Mode-S data. (more…)