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Contact Lost with EgyptAir Flight 804

Early on the morning of 19 May 2016,  EgyptAir announced that it had lost contact with flight 804, traveling from Paris to Cairo. Flightradar24 tracked this flight via ADS-B and received flight data from the aircraft until 00:29 UTC, 19 May. The last recorded position received from the aircraft was 33.6757, 28.7924 at 36,975 feet. This position is consistent with statements from EgyptAir regarding the last known location of the aircraft before radar contact was lost. (more…)

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The Hijacking of EgyptAir Flight 181

On 29 March, EgyptAir flight 181, operating from Alexandria to Cairo was hijacked and directed to fly to Larnaca, Cyprus. The flight was operated by SU-GCB, an Airbus A320 delivered in 2003. The flight departed Alexandria at 04:36 UTC, but did not enter the Flightradar24 coverage area until 05:05 UTC—after it had been hijacked and directed to Larnaca. (more…)