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Smell My Exhaust—NASA’s DC-8 to spend time sniffing the DLR’s A320 over Germany

This week, NASA and the DLR began the ND-MAX research program designed to understand engine performance, emissions, and contrail formation from different types of aviation fuel. The collaboration sends the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center’s DC-8-72 Flying Laboratory to Germany for paired flying with the DLR’s A320 Advanced Technology Research Aircraft. (more…)

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Tracking Airborne Science Around the World

When scientists want to study the upper atmosphere, look deep into space, or free themselves from the effects of gravity, they don’t necessarily need to go to space to do so. NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and commercial operators have multiple scientific programs based on airborne platforms that operate anywhere from 500 feet to 60,000 feet off the ground. We’re able to track many of these flights as research is conducted in real time. (more…)