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Clearing up Call Sign Confusion

Every few months, when airlines introduce updated schedules, we note that some routes may initially be displayed incorrectly on Flightradar24 because of new call signs. The new call signs that most affect route matching are the alphanumeric call signs used by an increasing number of airlines. We’ll explain how alphanumeric call signs have made our job slightly more difficult, but have made flying even safer. (more…)

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Using Filters in Flightradar24

Seeing every aircraft we’re tracking around the world at any given moment is an awesome sight, but sometimes you only want to see a selection of those thousands of flights. For those times, we have several different filters from which to choose. Filters are a great tool for when you’re looking for something specific, but you want to see more than just a single flight. In this post we’ll walk through each filter and provide some basic examples of how to use them on the site. We’d also love to hear how you’re using filters on our site. Send us a tweet or comment on Facebook and we’ll share some of the most creative uses of filters.

Prefer using our mobile apps? See our post full of tips for getting the most out of filters in the apps. (more…)