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Thar it flies! — the Airbus BelugaXL Makes First Flight

Airbus’ supersized whale took to the skies for the first time today in Toulouse, spending 4 hours 14 minutes above southern France. The BelugaXL will join the current Beluga fleet in moving Airbus aircraft components between production sites. The BelugaXL is 30% larger than the Beluga, enabling it to carry two A350 wings at a time rather than just one. (more…)

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Where Airplanes are Born

Arriving on barges, train cars, or inside specially modified airplanes, components of new aircraft are shipped to massive, complex factories around the world, where Boeing, Airbus, and other aircraft manufacturers assemble new airplanes and test each one to make sure it’s in proper working order before delivering it to its new owner. Tracking new planes poses a challenge because callsigns and departure or arrival airports can be missing or the aircraft may be operating under a temporary registration. But with a few filters, it’s possible to see new airplanes being born. (more…)