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Celebrating 50 years of the Boeing 747

On 9 February 1969, the Boeing 747 lifted into the sky for the first time, completing a years-long effort to design and build the world’s first twin aisle aircraft. The first flight 50 years ago ushered in a new age of air travel.

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17 from 2017: What Else Happened in the Sky This Year

As the year comes to a close, we look back on what we followed through the sky this year. From celebrations to challenges and goodbyes to some impressive sky drawing, here are 17 things that flew—or didn’t—in 2017. (more…)

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The Flightradar24 Blog Turns One

The Flightradar24 blog is turning one today! We began the Flightradar24 blog a year ago to have a space for longer posts on aviation, flight tracking, and how FR24 works. With a year—and nearly 100 posts—gone by, we’re looking back at some of our most popular posts. (more…)

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Tracking Special Milestone Liveries

Birthdays, anniversaries, and important milestones are all worth celebrating. And what better way for an airline to celebrate such occasions that painting an aircraft in a special livery? In this post we’ve compiled a list of special liveries celebrating milestones, such as national anniversaries or an important aircraft delivery. (more…)