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An Overview of the Updated Airport Information Panel on Flightradar24.com

Since we redesigned the flight information panel and added additional data for each flight, we thought it only fair to give the airport information panels a refresh as well. Launched this week, the new airport information panel includes new data about arriving and departing flights as well as the airports themselves.


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New Flightradar24 Features—Airport Information Panels, New Weather Layers, and Better Email Alerts

We’ve recently added even more great new features to Flightradar24.com and our mobile apps. On the web, we’ve made finding airport information and tracking flights by airport even easier. On the web and in our mobile apps, we’ve added new weather layers that make visualizing flight patterns simple. And if you receive flight alerts via email, you now have the option to receive them in freshly designed HTML for even more convenient flight following. (more…)