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AvTalk Episode 63: Sir, you can’t dump that fuel here

On this episode of AvTalk, we talk with Joseph Tar Schmidt, a regional airline pilot for a major US carrier. Plus, more MAX headaches for Boeing and the airlines and a HiFly A340 makes a mess in Orlando. (more…)

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Flying the BLADE—Airbus’ Flight Lab A340

Earlier today, the Airbus’ A340 “BLADE” test demonstrator aircraft conducted its first flight for the Clean Sky “Blade” project. Sponsored by the European Union, the the project is examining the commercial feasibility of using a laminar wing. For the Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Demonstrator in Europe, Airbus is once again putting A340 MSN 001 into service. (more…)

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Start Your Week Staring at the Stars

It’s no secret that pilots have the best views in the sky. They face forward, have a 180 degree view, and can darken the flight deck to take advantage of the illumination of the night sky. Swiss pilot Sales Wick took all that a step further with a mesmerizing time lapse video of his flight from Zurich to São Paulo. (more…)