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Following the 787 Fleet for a Day

Monday was the fifth anniversary of the first 787 delivery to launch customer All Nippon Airways. Since then, Boeing has delivered over 450 787s and has orders for 700 more. We decided to take a look at Monday’s 787 flights to see how airlines are using the 787. All data is taken from Monday, 26 September UTC. (more…)

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Dreamlining—Following an American Airlines 787 for a Year

American Airlines took delivery of its first 787—N800AN—in January 2015 and quickly put it to work training pilots and other crew on the aircraft. American began commercial service a few months later on 7 May 2015 as N801AC carried passengers from Dallas to Chicago. We followed N800AN, American’s first 787-8 for a year to see how far it traveled and where it’s gone. (more…)