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Putting Ed Force One Back Together Again

On 12 March, while being moved to a refueling dock in Santiago, Ed Force One suffered substantial damage after it collided with the ground tug pulling it. The steering pin connecting the tug and Ed Force One became dislodged and when the tug tried to turn the aircraft, the aircraft impacted the tug, injuring the two ground personnel operating the tug and damaging the 747’s two port-side engines. (more…)

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How Qantas Ferried an Engine on the Wing of a 747

When Qantas 747 VH-OJU had engine trouble in Johannesburg, VH-OJS came to the rescue ferrying a spare Rolls Royce engine from Sydney to Johannesburg for the stricken plane. We wanted to find out more, so we talked with Qantas about how they go about carrying an extra engine across the ocean. (more…)