It’s no secret that pilots have the best views in the sky. They face forward, have a 180 degree view, and can darken the flight deck to take advantage of the illumination of the night sky. Swiss pilot Sales Wick took all that a step further with a mesmerizing time lapse video of his flight from Zurich to São Paulo.

FlightLapse #01 – Meet the MilkyWay

Tracking LX92

While we know from the video that the flight was Swiss LX92, we don’t know the exact date of the flight. The flight track of LX92 for 29 March and 30 March both match the markers provided by Wick in the video. We’ve excerpted images from our playback to provide an approximation of the video’s flight path matched to the video time codes.

Palma de Mallorca 00:09

LX92 over Palma on 29 March

Algiers 00:20

LX92 nearing Algiers on 29 March

Dakar 01:43

LX92 passing Dakar on 29 March

You can check out Wick’s website or follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more great photos and videos from the flight deck. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be watching this again and eagerly awaiting the next video.


Featured image © kiKe

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