We know myFlightradar24 users are always on the go and we’ve recently added ways to keep your friends and followers up to date on your travels. You can now connect your myFlightradar24 account to Facebook and Twitter to share your journey. Let your friends, family, and followers know when you’re in the air with a live link to your flight. Or automatically post a link to playback on Flightradar24 so they—and you—can see exactly where you’ve flown. Playback links post after you’ve landed to let your friends, family, and followers know you’ve arrived safely.

Twitter Example Inflight Facebook Example Inflight Facebook Example Playback
What you'll see on Facebook when you post a link to a live flight.

Connecting your myFlightradar24 account to Facebook and Twitter is easy and takes only a few clicks. Just log in to myFlightradar24 and choose Settings, then Connections. From there you’ll just click Connect on the social site of your choice. You can choose to share every flight or enable social sharing on a flight-by-flight basis. Also choose whether to post a live link, playback, or both for each flight. And for Facebook, when you first connect your account, you’ll be able to determine with which audience you’ll share your flights.

The social sharing Connections page in myFlightradar24

When you add a flight, simply choose which social network to share your flight on and whether or not you’d like to share the playback link as well upon completion of your flight.

Easily add a flight and share it to the social media platform of your choice

Additionally, you can share your myFlightradar24 profile with your Facebook friends and they can share theirs with you. You can see which of your Facebook friends are using myFlightradar24 and view their travels by clicking the Friends tab at the top of any page. You will only be able to view your friends flights if they have also connected their Facebook profile to myFlightradar24. If you’re looking for a friend, but don’t see them, please direct them to the myFlightradar24 Connections page so they can connect their account to Facebook as well.

With social sharing it’s never been easier to automatically let your friends and family know that you’ve safely made it to your destination.

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