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Porsche Towed an Air France A380 with a Cayenne to Set a Guinness World Record

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From the ‘Sure, why not’, department, we bring you the new Guinness World Record holder for ‘Heaviest aircraft pull by a production car’—because apparently that’s a category.

Cayenne + A380

Porsche hitched a Cayenne to an Air France Airbus A380 (registered F-HPJE) via the vehicle’s standard hitch and a specially modified tow bar for the A380. The Cayenne then towed the A380 a distance of 42 meters.

The A380 is hitched to the Porsche Cayenne. | Photo courtesy Porsche

Setting aside the practicality of using a Porsche Cayenne as a tug, the video is pretty cool. Have a look.

More information on the feat here and more photos from the record setting are available from Porsche.


Featured image courtesy Porsche

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