Pegasus Airlines flight PC2193 from Izmir to Istanbul (SAW) suffered a runway excursion on landing and broke into multiple pieces after sliding down an embankment. The aircraft was landing in poor weather at the time. Over 150 people on board were taken to local hospitals and the airline confirmed that three people have died as a result of their injuries.

PC2193 flight data

PC2193 departed Izmir at 14:22 UTC for Istanbul (SAW) and touched down just under and hour later at 15:19 UTC. After processing granular data from the flight, the last position received from the aircraft was 40.90509, 29.32608 and 63 knots ground speed at 15:19:30 UTC. The aircraft’s final position is slightly beyond that down an embankment.

Final data received from PC2193

Downloadable data

PC2193 Standard CSV file
PC2193 Granular CSV file
PC2193 KML file

Weather Data

METARs for the time period prior to the accident and the time period 30 seconds after the incident are listed below. The aircraft landed on RWY 06.

Pegaus PC2193 Aircraft information

Pegasus PC2193 was operated by TC-IZK, a Boeing 737-800 built in 2009. It entered service with Pegasus Airlines in 2016 after operating for now-defunct Air Berlin.

TC-IZK 737-800

PC2193 full flight path

PC2193 Full flight path

Featured image © Gerhard Zant

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