Global air traffic rose in July as total and commercial flights both climbed, but trends in the second half of the month show a slowing recovery. Total traffic was 32% below 2019 levels in July, while commercial traffic was down 50% from the previous year.

Total flights down 32% in July, compared to 2019

Total flights were down 32% in July, compared to a year prior. In June total flights tracked were down 42% from their 2019 levels.

Total Flights tracked 2016-July 2020

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July commercial flights 50% below 2019 levels

Commercial traffic in July was 50% below 2019 levels. In June, commercial traffic was 62% below 2019. July also marked the first month commercial flights climbed faster than total flights, ending the month 38.7% higher than June. However, the second half of the month showed a flattening of the growth in flights, a trend we’ll continue to watch with great interest in August.

Commercial flights 2019 vs 2020

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