With the new Passngr app, a cooperation of German airports lead by Munich airport, users can now track flights arriving and departing Munich, Hamburg, and Dusseldorf airports in real-time. Thanks to the Flightradar24 SDK, users can follow flights from directly inside the Passngr app, now available for Android and iOS, and see a flight’s actual path. Flightradar24 provides real-time data and an intuitive map interface to follow flights to or from all three airports, with more airports to launch the Passngr app soon.

Flightradar24 inside Passngr, with integrated design specifically for the app

From the arrival or departure boards, users can tap on a live flight to find its exact position of the flight and information about the aircraft and its speed and altitude.

Passngr’s implementation of the Flightradar24 SDK is the first by an airport cooperative, and follows inclusion of the SDK by major airlines, like easyJet, in their mobile apps.

Want to add real-time flight tracking to your app?

Are you an airline, airport, or app developer looking to add real-time flight tracking to your mobile app? The Flightradar24 SDK is a flexible, easy-to-integrate solution for flight tracking in your Android or iOS app. If you’d like to learn more about how you can include real-time flight tracking to your app, please get in touch.

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