One More Orbit is attempting a world circumnavigation speed record in a Qatar Executive Gulfstream G650ER by flying around the world over both poles in less than 48 hours.

Update 11 July: A new record

Total flight time: 46:39:38:00

The One More Orbit team includes Col. Terry Virts, former astronaut and Space Station commander, Capt. Hamish Harding, the chairman of Action Aviation (one of four pilots on the flight).

The record attempt departed the Space Launch and Landing Facility in Florida at 9:32 ET, the same time Apollo 11 left the launch pad for the moon 50 years earler. The first leg of the flight will take the G650ER over the North Pole to Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. The second leg will depart for Port Louis, Mauritius. From there the team will fly over the South Pole en route to Punta Arenas, Chile and then back to Florida.

One More Orbit's flight route
One More Orbit’s route over the poles. Graphic courtesy One More Orbit

Follow the Flight

First leg of One More Orbit's flight
The first leg of One More Orbit’s flight from Florida to Astana.

You can follow all four legs of the flight by searching for the aircraft registration A7-CGD or call sign QQE011. You can also follow the flight from inside the flight deck on One More Orbit’s live stream.

One More Orbit flight deck
On the flight deck of the One More Orbit G650ER


Featured image © Vitaly Revyakin


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