This week, a few members of the Flightradar24 team took some time during their visit to Scotland for an avgeek beach day at Barra. Flights at Barra are unique as they land and take off on the beach. Naturally, operations occur during low tide. Check out some of the photos and video from their day trip.

Departure and Arrival

Barra Airport

Flights land on the beach, then taxi towards the terminal, disembarking passengers on the sand.

With no paved runway, flights arrive and depart from the beach at Barra


Passengers disembark on the beach and walk to the terminal.

G-HIAL parked on the beach at Barra after landing

Baggage Collection

The baggage reclamation process is generally expeditious.

The compact baggage reclaim at Barra

Control Tower

The control tower at Barra hosts a Flightradar24 ADS-B receiver.

The control tower at Barra, which hosts a Flightradar24 ADS-B receiver

Back to Glasgow

An in-flight photo with the flight crew and the FR24 crew.

FR24’s Slava and Olga with Capt. Abernethy and FO Van-Dijk | Photo thanks to FO Van-Dijk

Looking down on Glasgow Airport

A busy Glasgow Airport


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