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A passenger on Asiana Airlines flight OZ8124 from Jeju to Daegu managed to open the A321’s exit door about a minute before landing. The aircraft landed safely and the passenger was taken into custody by local police.

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Former NTSB Chair and member of the FAA’s recently formed Independent Safety Review Team, Robert Sumwalt, joins our AvTalk podcast to discuss the state of aviation safety in the United States and how industry and regulators are reacting to a recent spate of serious incidents.
Ryanair’s order for 150 firm plus 150 options of Boeing’s largest 737 MAX variant puts it on a path to phase out its 737-800 fleet by the end of the decade and grow its passenger load to 300 million people per year by 2034.

A Delta A320 trying to get to Atlanta was delayed by four hours thanks to a swarm of bees on the aircraft’s wingtip fence. The drama of bee removal was the story we all needed this week.

A Delta 767 flying from Prague to New York last July developed a flight control issue likely caused by ice build up from leaking lavatories. The pilots were unable to turn the plane prior to descending into warmer air.

Lufthansa Technik is one of the world’s foremost maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) providers. They also put their LEGO skills on display this week with a 400,000 brick CFM LEAP-1B engine.
Ash from the Sheveluch volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula is leading to reroutes and some flight cancellations. Alaska Airlines began canceling some flights to and within Alaska on Thursday and transpacific flights are rerouting around the area, adding time and distance to their crossings.
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