In the first two weeks of August, we went north. Far north. Our newest northernmost receiver is now active in Resolute, Canada. We also added receivers in northern Russia, Norway, Greenland, and Alaska. All of these receivers will help add coverage of long-haul transoceanic and polar flights. We also went south to activate a new receiver in French Polynesia. This receiver should help with our coverage in the south Pacific.

With the other new receivers activated in August, we’ve also increased our MLAT coverage in the United States, Brazil, Japan, and China.

Here’s the full map of all receivers activated in the past two weeks (click to enlarge).

Our map of new receivers activated in the first two weeks of August.
Our map of new receivers activated in the first two weeks of August.

We’re always looking for receiver hosts. Especially if you or someone you know lives in a remote location, please apply to host a receiver. All of our receiver hosts get a free Flightradar24 Premium account. If you’re interested, please apply today. If you’d you like more information about our application process, you can read more about it in our blog post.

If you have a Raspberry Pi you can now help us increase MLAT coverage as well. We are continuing to roll out our beta testing phase of MLAT based on Raspberry Pi receivers. If you’re interested, please visit our forum for instructions on how to begin feeding data.

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