With the first half of 2015 over, we’ve activated approximately 1200 new receivers! So far this year we have activated over 50 receivers in Brazil, China, and Russia, greatly increasing our coverage there. We’ve also expanded MLAT coverage in Japan, India, South Africa, and the United States. We have also added receivers in areas that help expand coverage for transoceanic flights, like our new receivers in Iqaluit, Unalakleet, and Fernando de Noronha.

As of today, we have almost 7500 Flightradar24 receivers around the world and we continue to add more each day.

Here’s the full map of all receivers activated from January through June (click to enlarge).

map of receivers activiated january through june 2015
New Flightradar24 Receivers Activated January through June 2015.


We’re always looking for new receiver hosts. If you’re interested in hosting a receiver, you can read more about the application process or apply to host a receiver today.

And now, if you have a Raspberry Pi you can help us increase MLAT coverage. We are happy to announce public beta testing phase of MLAT based on Raspberry Pi receivers. If you’re interested, please visit our forum for instructions on how to begin feeding data.

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