Monarch Airlines has announced that is ceasing operations and entering administration with immediate effect. The airline’s demise leaves 110,000 customers outside of the UK and all future bookings are canceled affecting 300,000 bookings. The UK government has asked the Civil Aviation Authority to charter over 30 aircraft to help repatriate customers who have been left outside the UK.

Those affected by Monarch’s demise are asked to visit the dedicated website set up by the CAA for more information on bookings and assistance.

The first of the rescue aircraft are already in position as 10 Qatar Airways A320s have been put in place to begin flights immediately. They will fly under a British Airways callsign, BAW. Four Air Transat aircraft are also staged in Bordeaux and will operate repatriation flights. Titan Airways is also operating a number of flights with their aircraft and with leased aircraft under their callsign. Other, perhaps, lesser-known airlines are also being employed. Wamos Air, Evelop, Plus Ultra, and Privilege Style are all operating flights to bring Monarch customers back to the UK.

Rescue Fleet

AirlineRegistrationAircraft Type
Air TransatC-FDATA310
Air TransatC-GJDAA330
Air TransatC-GTSZA330
Air TransatC-GUFRA330
Blue PanoramaEI-FSJ737
Freebird AirlinesTC-FBVA320
Freebird AirlinesTC-FHBA320
Freebird AirlinesTC-FHYA320
Hi Fly Malta9H-JAIA340
Hi FlyCS-TQPA330
Plus UltraEC-MFAA340
Plus UltraEC-MFBA340
Privilege StyleEC-LZO767
Qatar AirwaysA7-LAAA320
Qatar AirwaysA7-LABA320
Qatar AirwaysA7-LACA320
Qatar AirwaysA7-LADA320
Qatar AirwaysA7-LAEA320
Qatar AirwaysA7-LAFA320
Qatar AirwaysA7-LAGA320
Qatar AirwaysA7-LAHA320
Qatar AirwaysA7-ABDA320
Qatar AirwaysA7-ADEA320
Titan AirwaysG-POWC737
Titan AirwaysG-POWMA320
Titan AirwaysG-ZAPX757
Titan AirwaysG-POWD767
Titan AirwaysG-POWH757
Travel ServiceOM-GTF737
Travel ServiceOK-TSP737
Wamos AirEC-MNYA330
Wamos AirEC-MRM747
Wamos AirEC-KSM747

We will continue to update this list as new information becomes available.

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