While conducting flight LMI2933 from Santa Cruz, Bolivia to Medellín, Colombia, a LAMIA Bolivia aircraft (registration CP-2933) crashed south of Medellin Airport near La Union. The flight was carrying Brazilian football club Chapecoense to Medellín for a Copa Sudamerica finals match.

Airport and civil aviation authorities are reporting that 81 people were on board the aircraft. Colombian civil aviation authorities and medical personnel state that there are six survivors.

Flightradar24 Data

Flight path, altitude, and ground speed data for LMI2933
Flight path, altitude, and ground speed data for LMI2933

The flight was operating from Santa Cruz (VVI) to Medellín (MDE), a great circle distance of 2,975 kilometers. LMI2933 departed Santa Cruz at 22:18 UTC. The last ADS-B message received by Flightradar24 was at 02:55 UTC from 5.848078,-75.388847, at an altitude of 15,500 feet AMSL, approximately 33 kilometers south of Medellín Airport. Airport authorities state the location of the crash is approximately 17km from the airport.

Data and Downloads

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LMI2933 CSV File
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Positional Accuracy

CP-2933 was equipped with an older ADS-B transponder which may be subject to positional accuracy issues. The position of the aircraft is calibrated prior to take off and the on board computer calculates positions based on speed and direction of the aircraft. With certain types of flying (including holding patterns), the calculation can become inaccurate.

The Aircraft

Lamia RJ85 CP-2933
Lamia RJ85 CP-2933

The aircraft conducting flight LMI2933 was a British Aerospace Avro RJ85, registered CP-2933. It first flew in 1999 for Mesaba Airlines in the United States before flying for CityJet in Europe until 2010. It began operating in South America in 2013 after storage.

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