Lease returns, the process of sending a leased aircraft back to its lessor, have begun for four former European airlines that recently went bankrupt. Thomas Cook aircraft and leased aircraft from now defunct Aigle Azur were positioned to airports with long-term storage capability. XL Airways has returned two of its four aircraft and Adria Airways aircraft sit parked awaiting return to lessors.

Return to lessor

When leased aircraft are no longer in service with an airline, they are returned to the airport of the lessor’s choosing. Some lessors have dedicated or contract maintenance operations at specific airports, while others partner with storage facilities to park their aircraft before a new operator is found.

Where are they now?

We’ve compiled fleet information and locations for leased aircraft from Thomas Cook, Adria Airways, Aigle Azur, and XL Airways below. You can search the list by airline, aircraft type and registration.

AirlineRegistrationAircraft TypeSerial Number (MSN)AgeLast Location (3 Oct 19)
Adria AirwaysS5-AAPAirbus A319-13242829 yearsLJU
Adria AirwaysS5-AARAirbus A319-13243019 yearsLJU
Adria AirwaysS5-AAXAirbus A319-111100020 yearsLJU
Adria AirwaysS5-AAYBombardier CRJ-701ER1008016 yearsSCN
Adria AirwaysS5-AAZBombardier CRJ-701ER1001418 yearsLJU
Adria AirwaysS5-AAKBombardier CRJ-900LR1512812 yearsBLQ
Adria AirwaysS5-AANBombardier CRJ-900LR1520710 yearsMUC
Adria AirwaysS5-AAOBombardier CRJ-900LR152159 yearsLJU
Adria AirwaysS5-AAUBombardier CRJ-900LR152837 yearsMUC
Adria AirwaysS5-AAVBombardier CRJ-900LR152847 yearsMUC
Adria AirwaysS5-AFABombardier CRJ-900LR1505713 yearsLJU
Adria AirwaysS5-AFBBombardier CRJ-900ER1508713 yearsLJU
Adria AirwaysS5-AFCBombardier CRJ-900LR1509013 yearsLJU
Adria AirwaysS5-AFESaab 20005921 yearsORB
Adria AirwaysS5-AFFSaab 20004822 yearsLJU
Adria AirwaysS5-AFGSaab 20002000-01524 yearsLJU
Adria AirwaysS5-AFJSaab 20002000-01124 yearsLUG
Aigle AzurF-HBALAirbus A319-111287013 yearsCDT
Aigle AzurF-HAAFAirbus A320-21447588 yearsWOE
Aigle AzurF-HAQDAirbus A320-21447678 yearsWOE
Aigle AzurF-HBAOAirbus A320-21445898 yearsBLL
Aigle AzurF-HBAPAirbus A320-21446758 yearsTLS
Aigle AzurF-HBIBAirbus A320-214328912 yearsWOE
Aigle AzurF-HBISAirbus A320-214313612 yearsTEV
Aigle AzurF-HBIXAirbus A320-21460125 yearsTLS
Aigle AzurF-HFULAirbus A320-214218015 yearsGBA
Aigle AzurF-HTACAirbus A330-22349317 yearsCHR
Aigle AzurF-HTICAirbus A330-22344417 yearsCHR
Thomas CookG-DHJHAirbus A321-211123819 yearsMAN
Thomas CookG-NIKOAirbus A321-211125019 yearsQLA
Thomas CookG-TCDAAirbus A321-211206015 yearsLGW
Thomas CookG-TCDBAirbus A321-21156036 yearsSNN
Thomas CookG-TCDCAirbus A321-21158725 yearsSNN
Thomas CookG-TCDDAirbus A321-21160385 yearsSNN
Thomas CookG-TCDEAirbus A321-21160565 yearsSNN
Thomas CookG-TCDFAirbus A321-21161145 yearsSNN
Thomas CookG-TCDGAirbus A321-21161225 yearsSNN
Thomas CookG-TCDHAirbus A321-21165154 yearsSNN
Thomas CookG-TCDJAirbus A321-21165264 yearsBHX
Thomas CookG-TCDKAirbus A321-21165484 yearsSNN
Thomas CookG-TCDLAirbus A321-21169683 yearsMAN
Thomas CookG-TCDMAirbus A321-21170033 yearsKUN
Thomas CookG-TCDNAirbus A321-21170483 yearsNCL
Thomas CookG-TCDOAirbus A321-21170553 yearsKUN
Thomas CookG-TCDPAirbus A321-21163764 yearsSNN
Thomas CookG-TCDRAirbus A321-21166154 yearsBHX
Thomas CookG-TCDVAirbus A321-211197216 yearsLGW
Thomas CookG-TCDWAirbus A321-211192116 yearsLGW
Thomas CookG-TCDXAirbus A321-211188716 yearsLGW
Thomas CookG-TCDYAirbus A321-211188116 yearsMAN
Thomas CookG-TCDZAirbus A321-211100620 yearsLGW
Thomas CookG-TCVAAirbus A321-23155826 yearsLGW
Thomas CookG-TCVBAirbus A321-23156066 yearsMAN
Thomas CookG-TCVCAirbus A321-23160595 yearsBRS
Thomas CookG-TCVDAirbus A321-23161265 yearsMAN
Thomas CookG-CHTZAirbus A330-24339818 yearsMAN
Thomas CookG-MDBDAirbus A330-24326620 yearsMAN
Thomas CookG-MLJLAirbus A330-24325420 yearsMAN
Thomas CookG-OMYTAirbus A330-24330119 yearsMAN
Thomas CookG-TCXBAirbus A330-24394811 yearsLGW
Thomas CookG-TCXCAirbus A330-24396710 yearsGLA
Thomas CookG-TCXDAirbus A330-243101610 yearsSNN
XL AirwaysF-GRSQAirbus A330-24350116 yearsCDG
XL AirwaysF-GSEUAirbus A330-24363514 yearsLDE
XL AirwaysF-HXXLAirbus A330-24359715 yearsMCI
XL AirwaysF-HXLFAirbus A330-30313606 yearsCDG


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