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  • 100,000 daily flights tracked for the first time since 22 March

    For the first time since 22 March, Flightradar24 tracked more than 100,000 daily flights on 20 May. 110,361 flights took to the skies, an 11.9% increase from the previous day, but still well below the average of 191,611 flights per day from May 2019.   Read More
  • US Business Aviation hard hit by COVID-19

    Flightradar24 Note: In the latest in a series of analyses of Flightradar24 data, ICF examines business aviation in the US to see how the world’s largest market has been impacted by COVID-19. Analyzing business aviation offers insights into a unique market. Although commanding a high premium over commercial flights, its core customer segments—corporations and high …   Read More
  • Scraping along the bottom: April air traffic statistics

    March’s COVID-19 induced historic drop in air traffic paved the way for late April’s slight and uncertain recovery. The least busy day in the skies in many years was 12 April, when only 46,294 flights took to the air. Since then the total number of flights tracked by Flightradar24 each day has trended upward, though …   Read More
  • Cargo flights forming the backbone of COVID-19 relief efforts

    Flightradar24 Note: In a global time of need, air cargo has stepped in to get badly needed medical supplies, food, and other essentials where they need to be. With Flightradar24...
  • Then and now: visualizing COVID-19’s impact on air traffic

    We‘ve compiled statistics and charted the dramatic decline in air traffic caused by COVID-19, but what does that actually look like on the map? We’ve created some ‘before and after’ images showing the impact on air traffic in various places around the world.   Read More
  • Learning from the curve: Chinese aviation may offer early signs of a COVID-19 recovery

    Flightradar24 Note: Airlines and governments have reacted to the spread of COVID-19 with varying speed and levels of restrictions. With Flightradar24 data, ICF examined flights in China, Europe, and the...
  • Airlines get creative with cargo

    Airlines are making big changes to how they operate in the face of COVID-19. In addition to the growth of dedicated cargo service—including Atlas Air taking at least one 747 freighter out of storage—airlines are getting creative in how they carry cargo shipments that would normally fly with passengers.   Read More
  • Tracking March’s historic drop in air traffic

    March witnessed a historic drop in air traffic as COVID-19 travel restrictions expanded and demand for air travel evaporated. The total number of flights tracked by Flightradar24 in March 2020 was 4,294,685, down 21.6% from 2019. Commercial flights tracked in March were 27.7% lower than 2019. But monthly figures don’t capture the full picture.   Read More
  • Charting the decline in air traffic caused by COVID-19

    The spread of COVID-19 and response by the aviation industry has resulted in an unprecedented decline in global air traffic.Commercial air traffic dropped in the third week of January, but made a slight recovery during February into the first week in March.   Read More
  • March commercial traffic down 10% below 2019 so far

    Global commercial air traffic tracked by Flightradar24 is now 10% lower in March 2020 compared to 2019. This week has seen a sharp decrease in commercial flights as airlines begin parking their fleets and operating minimum services or none at all.   Read More

AvTalk Podcast related to coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • AvTalk Episode 79: It’s nothing short of a crisis

    On this episode of AvTalk, we welcome back The Air Current editor-in-chief John Ostrower for a wide-ranging conversation as we try to understand the effects of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 on the aviation industry. We also look at the state of the 737 MAX and the prospects for the aircraft’s return to service one year …   Read More
  • AvTalk Episode 78: Climb into the Skynest

    On this episode of AvTalk, air traffic in China is down over 80% from the beginning of the year, the first Air France A380 enters retirement, and Air New Zealand’s Skynest may be a way to make ultra-long-haul economy a little less terrible.   Read More
  • AvTalk Episode 77: Jetting in the Jet Stream

    On this episode of AvTalk, a Pegasus Airlines 737 overruns the runway in Istanbul, traffic to China grinds to a halt, Air Italy calls it quits, and the jet stream helps British Airways set a new record.   Read More
  • AvTalk Episode 76: The Coronavirus Response

    On this episode of AvTalk, we discuss the Coronavirus response, as authorities and airlines try to stop its spread. Kobe Bryant and his daughter are among those killed in a helicopter crash in California this past weekend. And Boeing’s 777X takes flight for the first time.   Read More
  • AvTalk Episode 80: Grinding to a halt

    On this special episode of AvTalk, Jason and Ian take stock of how the aviation industry has reacted to plummeting demand and ever changing government restrictions as the COVID-19 pandemic takes its toll.   Read More
  • AvTalk Episode 81: ATC 0

    On this episode of AvTalk, we review which airlines and countries have now canceled all flights. And journalist Ethan Klapper joins us to discuss the impact COVID-19 is having on some air traffic control facilities around the United States.   Read More
  • AvTalk Episode 82: Setting all the wrong records

    Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSSOn this episode of AvTalk, we see how far air traffic fell in March and what we’re likely...
  • AvTalk Episode 83: Have we hit the bottom?

    On this episode of AvTalk, we look at some COVID-19 related aviation innovation, Seth Miller returns to help us understand how airlines are navigating the CARES Act, and we talk with Karan Singh from the Lufthansa Group to learn more about managing hundreds of repatriation flights.   Read More
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