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  • How to read METAR weather reports

    Spend any time around aviation types and the term METAR will likely come up. METAR is an acronym that stands for Meteorological Terminal Air Report, and it’s a highly practical way to transmit weather data that’s primarily used by pilots. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) ensures it is standardized throughout the world, although there …   Read More
  • What is a black box and how does it work?

    Just about everyone has heard of the “black box” on an airplane. The term tends to have strong associations because most of the time when we hear about the black box it’s as a result of an air crash. Here’s a look at how they work.   Read More
  • How do pilots stay current in a pandemic?

    With demand for air travel still far below normal levels thanks to COVID-19, airlines are having to juggle a number of difficult decisions and manage not only the financial pain but also the logistical chaos that comes from suddenly cutting flights and parking planes. One of those logistical issues is that of pilot currency.   Read More

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