Jorge Manalang, an Envoy ramp instructor was in the right place at the right time yesterday. His quick actions with a pushback tug at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport prevented anyone from being injured and damage to an aircraft. The catering cart, on other hand, will likely be out of service for a while.

Riding the tug to the rescue

Video of the incident in Chicago.

Meet Jorge Manalang

As American Airlines flight 4104 (operated by Envoy) was being catered for departure from Chicago to Cedar Rapids, a case of water fell on to the accelerator of the catering cart, sending it into a reverse spin and perilously close to an Envoy Embraer E145. Envoy Ramp Instructor Jorge Manalang ran across the ramp and climbed aboard a pushback tractor, using it to knock the out of control catering cart on its side.

Jorge Manalang
Jorge Manalang, Envoy ramp instructor | Photo courtesy Envoy

Manalang’s quick actions prevented what could have been a significant incident. And while Manalang is a ramp instructor, it’s doubtful he’ll be passing on this particular skill to new employees.

For all the excitement in Chicago, flight 4104 arrived just 5 minutes late in Cedar Rapids.


Feature photo © Layla Kohley

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