We’re happy to announce that JetPhotos.net photos are now live on Flightradar24. When clicking on a flight, users will now see photos from JetPhotos.net alongside the flight information. Our acquisition of JetPhotos.net and its catalog of nearly 3 million photos will allow us to display many more photos than we were previously able.

JetPhotos.net photos now appear in the flight information panel.
JetPhotos.net photos now appear in the flight information panel.

The Future of JetPhotos + Flightradar24

Going forward users will see changes to JetPhotos.net that we think will greatly improve the site. To start, JetPhotos.net will become mobile friendly. We know that detailed aircraft information is important to many of our users, and we’ll be working with Flightradar24 and JetPhotos.net databases to provide greatly improved information about individual aircraft. We will also show the last time an aircraft was tracked. As we move forward we intend to incorporate JetPhotos.net’s large database of airport photos into Flightradar24 as well.

For JetPhotos.net users, the submission and screening process will remain the same. We’re happy to say that founder Chris Kilroy will be staying on board to manage the site. If you’re interested in submitting photos so that they appear on Flightradar24, please visit JetPhotos.net to sign up for a free account and begin submitting photos.

To see some of the best photos from JetPhotos.net, be sure to follow @JetPhotosNet on Twitter and like the JetPhotos.net Facebook page.


Header photo by SELZERE Christophe.

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