Today, we’re introducing the all-new Flightradar24 mobile app, adding great new features already available in our web version and significant improvements to our augmented reality feature.

We’re consolidating all of these improvements into one app: Flightradar24, available now for FREE for iOS in the App Store and Android on Google Play. We’ll preview the updated look and features and learn how to take advantage of the great new features.

For information on transitioning from one of our existing apps to the new app, please see our companion blog post.

What’s New

Just as we released a vast array of new features and functionality with the latest version of, we’re bringing great features to our mobile app experience.

Aircraft and flight history

See where an aircraft has been or compare data from previous flights to the current flight in the app.

See past flights by aircraft registration or flight number

Single flight playback

Replay a flight with playback and follow along with a detailed speed and altitude graph.

See playback of a flight, alongside a detailed altitude and speed graph

Arrival and departure boards, including on ground information for airports where available

Know which flights are coming and going at airports around the globe and keep track of where aircraft are located with our ‘on ground’ information. You can also view detailed airport weather conditions in the weather tab.

Our new airport information boards, available when tapping on an airport pin

Day/Night Line

One of our most requested features, see day and night overlaid on the map.

See which flights are flying in the sun and which can see the stars with the day-night line

Volcanic Activity

Volcanic activity can clear airspace and bring flight traffic to a halt. Know where volcanic eruptions and ash clouds are impacting flights.

See volcanic activity that might be impacting flights

Upgrade for More Flightradar24

Want even more great features? Upgrade to a Flightradar24 subscription to get access to features like additional map layers, weather info, and extended flight history. Your subscription can be used across multiple platforms—load Flightradar24 on your iPhone or iPad, Android device, and PC!

With a Flightradar24 subscription, you’ll have access to these great features and more:

Weather Layers

Current weather at 3000 airports around the world, clouds, and precipitation so you can see how weather is affecting flights.

See how weather is impacting the flights you’re tracking

Air Traffic Control Layers

These layers include aeronautical charts, ATC boundaries, and oceanic tracks.

See the invisible pathways that help aircraft navigate

Extended Aircraft and Flight History

See history for individual flights and aircraft as far back at 180 days.

See flight history by aircraft or flight number for up to 180 days, depending on your subscription

CSV/KML File Downloads

Take Flightradar24 data with you on the go with our CSV and KML file downloads, now available in our app.

Easily save flight data from within the app

Easily upgrade today from within the new app by tapping Upgrade to begin your Flightradar24 subscription 7-day free trial to take advantage of these great features right away.

Augmented Reality

Our new Augmented Reality (AR) View now shows detailed info and a photo of the actual aircraft

We’ve updated our Augmented Reality feature in the app and given it a new easy to navigate interface. You’re now able to see photos of the aircraft, so you’ll not only know what flight you’re tracking, but have a detailed photograph of the airplane as well. You’ll also be able to find a flight with AR view and begin tracking it alongside every other flight on the map directly from the AR view.

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