We’re excited to introduce Enhanced 3D view on Flightradar24.com and in our mobile app for iOS and Android. We’ve taken the incredibly realistic terrain and 3D models and added the ability to view other traffic, see aircraft shadows, and control 3D settings to follow a flight exactly as you like.More info in Enhanced 3D

In Enhanced 3D view, we’ve added the ability to easily toggle basic flight data panels while viewing a flight. Just click or tap on a flight you’re following in 3D to see details like flight number, route, speed, altitude, and aircraft type. You can also choose to view the location of nearby airports and click on any airport pin to identify the airport.

The new flight info panel is available by clicking or tapping the aircraft you’re following in Enhanced 3D

See Nearby Flights

With Enhanced 3D view, following a flight in 3D is even more immersive as we’ve added the position of nearby flights and their trails. See all of the other flights in the area and how they’re interacting with the flight you’re following.

See other aircraft in the area in the new Enhanced 3D view

Click on any flight label to bring up the flight information panel for that flight.  Switch flights in Enhanced 3D view by clicking ‘Go to aircraft’.

Choose ‘Go to aircraft’ to switch flights in Enhanced 3D view

Aircraft Shadows

Also new in Enhanced 3D view are aircraft shadows. As an aircraft descends through 500 meters, you can view the aircraft’s shadow, affected by the actual position of the sun at the time and the position of the aircraft. Watch the shadow grow as the aircraft descends toward the runway.

See a dynamic shadow of the aircraft as it approaches the airport

New Settings

Control what you see in Enhanced 3D view in the new 3D Settings panel. Adjust the visibility of aircraft shadows and labels. Decide whether you want to see the flight identifier and altitude for nearby flights, or just the flight identifier. Turn airport pins on or off. You can also adjust the image quality of the model and terrain, particularly useful if you have an older device or slower data connection.

How to Access Enhanced 3D View

Follow any flight in 3D by clicking or tapping on an aircraft icon and choosing the 3D button. On the website, the 3D button is located next to the flight number in the aircraft information panel on the left side of the screen. In the iOS and Android app, the 3D button is located in the bottom left of the screen after selecting a flight. As Enhanced 3D view is resource intensive, we’ve taken steps to ensure a stable and consistent 3D experience for all our users.

Enhanced 3D is resource intensive on computers and mobile devices and uses a large amount of data. When using on mobile, we strongly suggest using when connected to WiFi.

On Flightradar24.com

To access Enhanced 3D view, you’ll need a Flightradar24 account. Users with a free Basic account will receive 3 free demo sessions of Enhanced 3D view per 30 days. All paid Flightradar24 subscriptions offer unlimited access to Enhanced 3D view.

In the App

In the iOS and Android app, all users receive 5 free demo sessions of Enhanced 3D view to try at no cost, but these do not reset as users may default to Standard 3D view instead of Enhanced 3D. All paid Flightradar24 subscriptions offer unlimited access to Enhanced 3D view in the app and on the web.n Looking to save data, but still want to see what the pilot sees? You can revert to standard 3D view in the mobile app via the Settings > Misc tab.

On Android devices, Android 5.0+ is required for Enhanced 3D. On iOS, iOS 10+ is required.

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