We rely on our software feeders as an integral part of our worldwide network of ADS-B receivers, so we’re happy to announce new versions of our feeder software are now available. These new updates significantly improve the quality of the data being fed to Flightradar24. Click the relevant link below to update your feeder software today. Thank you for feeding data to Flightradar24 and happy tracking!

Important Note for All Software Feeders

Please update your software to the latest version available by the end of September. On the last day of September older versions of feeder software will stop working, which will impede access to your Premium account.

Raspberry Pi

Update your Raspberry Pi feeder software here. The latest version is 1.0.14-11, released 2 September. Raspberry Pi feeder software now supports MLAT, which helps us track flights not yet equipped with ADS-B.


Update your Windows feeder software here. The latest version is 1.0.14-9. Windows feeder software does not support MLAT, so we strongly encourage all feeders to migrate to Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi also does not need a separate computer to be running in order to feed data to Flightradar24.


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