Air Baltic has painted three Airbus A220s in flag-themed special liveries to represent Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Here’s how you can easily track all three.

Latvia | Estonia | Lithuania


The Latvian flag-themed livery is painted on YL-CSL in honor of Latvia’s 100th anniversary. Introduced in November 2018, YL-CSL is the first Air Baltic aircraft to wear a country-themed livery. The livery was completed by 15 painters using 250 litres of paint.

Air Baltic’s Latvia flag A220
Air Baltic’s Latvian flag A220, YL-CSL


Air Baltic added an Estonian special livery to the fleet in June 2019, painting YL-CSJ in the blue, black, and white of the Estonian flag.

Air Baltic’s Estonia A220
Air Baltic’s Estonian flag A220, YL-CSJ


And Air Baltic’s third Baltic-theme livery, introduced in August 2019, features the Lithuanian flag on A220 YL-CSK.

Air Baltic’s Lithuania A220
Air Baltic’s Lithuania flag A220, YL-CSK

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