We’re constantly working to expand our network of receivers around the world to increase our ADS-B and MLAT coverage. Each week we send out approximately 50 Flightradar24 receivers to new hosts. Before receivers are shipped, each application goes through a multistage review process to ensure we’re providing the best service for our users.

Step 1

Flightradar24 Receiver If you’re interested in hosting a Flightradar24 receiver, the first step is to visit our application page to fill out a simple form that tells us a little bit about who you are and gives us information about your experience level with ADS-B receivers or radio equipment generally. The first step also gives us one other critical piece of information—your location. Upon first review of any application, location is the most important consideration. We’re looking to see if your location will give us coverage where we previously did not have any or if a receiver at your location will increase our MLAT coverage.

If your location can help us increase our coverage, you will receive a follow-up email from us asking for more information. Not all applications will meet our current coverage needs, but we keep all applications on file so that we may revisit them in the future. If you aren’t selected to host a receiver when you first submit an application, that doesn’t mean we won’t ask you to host one in the future.

Step 2

free-ads-b-equipment-67_400The second step in our process involves collecting more detailed information about you and your location. We want to ensure that our receivers will have the best possible view of the sky and that data uploads will be uninterrupted. Just like in the first part of the application, location is extremely important, but this time it’s the proposed location of the antenna. We want to be sure that the antenna’s view of the sky will be unobstructed, so we ask applicants to send photos of where the antenna will be installed and the view of the sky from that location.

If the view of the sky is clear and the location of the antenna looks suitable, we’ll approve the application and begin the shipping process. Receivers usually ship one week after applications are approved.

In the Box

Our receiver package comes with everything you need to begin feeding data to the Flightradar24 network. Inside each receiver kit is:

  • • FR24 ADS-B Receiver (needs no additional computer to operate)
  • • GPS antenna with 5 m cable (for MLAT coverage)
  • • DC power supply (110V-230V AC input)
  • • 5 m Ethernet cable (to connect the receiver your router)
  • • 38 cm long external Mode-S antenna with mounting clamps
  • • SMA male Mode-S antenna connector
  • • 5 or 10 m H155 6 mm diameter low-loss coax cable with N-type and SMA male connectors

Once delivered, we ask that you install your receiver within 7 days so we can quickly begin receiving data.

Flightradar24 RadarView

As a receiver host, you’ll also get a free FR24 Business subscription, which includes a variety of exclusive features, like access to our Premium mobile apps, extended Mode S data, alerts, filters, Airport and Fleet view, and a full year of historical flight information. To learn more about features available with our Business subscription, visit our account plans page.

You’ll also have access to RadarView, which gives you the ability to see which flights are being tracked by your receiver at any given moment.

The entire application process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete. And remember, if we did not approve your application at this time we do keep all applications on file and may be in touch at a later date as our coverage needs are constantly evolving.

If you’re interested in hosting a Flightradar24 receiver, please visit our application page and fill out your application today.