We’re thrilled to release this update for Flightradar24.com that adds a lot of new features and improves existing ones to help you get the best flight tracking experience possible. In this post we’ll explore the new Flightradar24 filters panel and walk through some helpful tips for using filters. Filters have received a big facelift in this update and we’ve brought over some of the best functionality from the mobile app to improve their utility as well.

What’s new with Flightradar24 filters

Among the changes you’ll see that—where applicable—filters now support multiple entries in a single filter. For instance you can enter BAW, DLH, KLM in the call sign filter to view just British Airways, Lufthansa, and KLM flights.

Each filter you enter will now be automatically saved as well. When you enter a filter for the first time it will be saved and activated. To deactivate any filter, just uncheck the box on the left side of the filter panel. To delete a filter, press the X on the right side. The number of saved filters you can create will depend on your subscription level.

New Flightradar24.com design showing the filter panelBelow we walk through the individual filters and highlight some of the changes and new features.

Call sign (airline)

The call sign filter input has been updated to be similar to the mobile app, but retains the same functionality as before. What this means is that you’ll still need to enter the specific ICAO call sign for the flight(s) you’re interested in. As an example, to view American Airlines flights you’ll enter AAL, but to also view regional airlines operating on behalf of American Airlines, you’ll need to enter their respective call signs as well. You can look up the call sign of any airline on our Airline data page here.

Multiple active callsign filter, showing combined filters using comma seperators.


The airport filter functionality is unchanged in this update. Enter a three-letter IATA code and choose In/Out to view all traffic at the airport or choose In or Out to view inbound or outbound traffic only. You may find the correct IATA code for any airport in our database on our Airport data page.


The altitude filter is unchanged as well, select the altitude via the slider to see only flights within that range.


Speed stays the same too, select the speed range via the slider to see the flights traveling at those speeds.

Aircraft type (ICAO)

The Aircraft type filter now has added functionality, allowing you to enter multiple partial or complete ICAO aircraft codes in a single filter. For example, to view all Boeing 777s, you could use the partial code ‘B77’ or if you wanted to see just the 777-200LR and 777-300ER, you would enter ‘B77L, B77W’. You can combine any partial and complete codes, as long as they’re separated by commas. You can use the ICAO search page to find the ICAO aircraft code for any aircraft.

Multiple filter examples for filtering by aircraft type code

Aircraft registration

The Aircraft registration filter now also supports multiple entries in a single filter. Just enter a full registration or the beginning of a registration and separate multiple entries with commas.


To filter by radar, simply enter the radar code to see which flights are currently being displayed on the site from that receiver.

We hope you enjoy the new functionality we’ve built into filters and we’re planning on adding additional options and features in the future. If you have any questions about any of the new features or how to get started, please contact us via support or social media and we’ll be happy to help!

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