As part of the pre-show preparations for the 2016 Chicago Air and Water Show, taking place 20-21 August, we joined the AeroShell Acrobatic Team for a brief flight over Lake Michigan to see their aircraft and experience some of what they experience in over two dozen shows per year.

We flew aboard N791MH, a North American T6 Texan built in 1951. Our pilot for the day was AeroShell team lead Mark Henley. The flight lasted about 20 minutes in total and we’ve cut it down to approximately three minutes. The brief acrobatic portion of the flight begins at the one minute mark in the video.

The AeroShell Acrobatic Team will perform at the Chicago Air and Water Show 20 and 21 August with other civilian performers, such as the Aerostars, Matt Chapman, and Sean D. Tucker. Military performers include the C-130, F-18, F-35, and show headliners, the US Air Force Thunderbirds. A full list of performers is available at the Air and Water Show website.

More photos from our flight with the AeroShell Acrobatic Team are below.

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