Thank you to to the thousands of people who voted in our Wave Glider naming contest. With over 52 percent of the vote, our Wave Glider shall now be known as FloatRadar24.

Many thanks also to those who voted for the runner up, Planey McTracker Face, which secured 28% of the vote.

Our Wave Glider®, manufactured by Liquid Robotics® and managed by Maritime Robotics as part of their new partnership, is currently in the area of 67° latitude and 0° longitude, tracking flights between Norway and Iceland. We have had excellent results so far. FloatRadar24 is moving south from its original target position southeast of Jan Mayen in order to collect more ADS-B data from flights in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Yesterday, FloatRadar24 encountered waves with a height of up to 4 meters. But true to its name, the Wave Glider had no problems receiving and transmitting data, a very encouraging sign. Over the next few weeks we will continue to collect data from flights as well as from the Wave Glider.

Tracking with FloatRadar24

Look for the blue icons to see flights tracked by our Wave Glider—FloatRadar24
Look for the blue icons to see flights tracked by our Wave Glider—FloatRadar24

To see flights tracked with FloatRadar24, set a ‘radar’ filter for F-WGLD1 or look for the blue icons on our map.


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