As we begin the new year, we begin a new semi-regular series detailing where we want to send additional ADS-B receivers the most. Over the past 10 years our coverage area has expanded from a small area around Stockholm to near global terrestrial coverage with nearly 25,000 receivers in over 200 countries. But we’re always looking for locations that will expand our coverage area further.

What’s do I have to do and what do I get?

To host a Flightradar24-supplied ADS-B receiver, you’ll need to apply here. Applying is as easy as providing your name, email, and location. We’ll review your application and contact your for additional details and some photos if we think your location will be a good fit.

Once you have the receiver kit, you’ll need to mount the ADS-B antenna and connect the cabling to the receiver box. Plug in the box to power and internet and then you’re all set and tracking flights! We offer detailed instructions for each step of the way and our support team is always happy to help with any questions.

Flightradar24 ADS-B Receiver Kit
The Flightradar24 ADS-B receiver kit

The receivers are passive, they only collect the ADS-B signals coming from the aircraft. They’re also very low power and low bandwidth, so if your connection is limited they won’t get in the way of your daily usage.

Your free Flightradar24 business subscription

As a thank you for hosting a receiver you’ll receive a free Flightradar24 business subscription packed with amazing flight tracking features like custom flight alerts, detailed weather layers, aeronautical charts, and much more. You can learn more about our business subscription features here.

Wanted: reSEAvers

Right now, the top of our most wanted list are applications from island locations in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. We’re keen to expand over-water coverage with prime island installations.

South Pacific

South Pacific IslandsMuch of the traffic between North America and Australia and New Zealand passes over the vast collection of islands in the South Pacific. We would very much like to send a receiver to each and every one.

Japan, Russia and Alaska islands

Japan, Russia, and Alaska IslandsTraffic between Asia and eastern North America follows the great circle path that takes flights over islands of northern Japan, Russia and Alaska. Our receiver antennas can withstand the harshest conditions. The more remote your location is, the better.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar IslandsFlights passing from southeast Asia to India pass directly over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. If you’re able to host a host a receiver there, please do apply.

If you’re interested, apply

Even if you don’t live in the above-mentioned areas, but you’re interested in hosting a Flightradar24 ADS-B receiver—especially if you live in a remote area anywhere in the world—apply today. Our coverage needs are always evolving and we keep all applications on file for continual review.

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