A Beech C90GT King Air registered PR-SOM crashed near Paraty, Brazil on the afternoon of 19 January 2017. Flightradar24 did not receive enough positional information from this flight to create a track, however, altitude information was received for a portion of the flight.

Altitude data was received from the aircraft from 15:01:41 UTC to 15:31:09 UTC. The aircraft was tracked climbing from 2,400 feet AMSL to an altitude of 15,100 ft before descending to 10,400 ft when data reception ceased. For the entirety of the flight, one position report was received in our system at -23.53076, -45.74094 at 15:20:24 UTC.

Positional data for this flight is severely limited due to how we tracked this aircraft. Tracking via multilateration requires multiple receivers to receive a signal from the aircraft at the same time in order to calculate a position and heading.

Available Altitude Data

Available altitude (ft AMSL) data from flight of PR-SOM, 19 January 2017

The available altitude data does not encompass the entirety of the flight and is limited to data sent to our receivers in the area.

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