On 1 January, an EgyptAir Cargo A300 and Air France A320 passed close enough over Belgium that Belgian and French authorities are investigating what the French Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses (BEA) has deemed a ‘serious incident’. According to the BEA’s initial report the EgyptAir A300 (MSX541, registered SU-GAY) was climbing to FL210, while the Air France A320 (AFR640F, registered F-GKXN) was maintaining FL220. MSX541 continued to climb after receiving a TCAS/RA to level off.

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Combined Flight Paths of MSX541 and AFR640F

MSX541 | MS541

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CSV File MSX541

AFR640F | AF1640

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CSV File AFR640F

Combined Files

MSX541 & AFR640F KML Files

Aircraft Involved

EgyptAir Cargo Airbus A300, SU-GAY

Air France Airbus A320, F-GKXN

Detailed information from the BEA report

MSX541 (A306) was climbing FL210¹

AFR640F (A320) was maintaining FL220

At 11h42 MSX541 was re-cleared to climb FL210 (Readback was correct)

At 11h45 MSX541 is instructed to maintain FL210 upon reaching combined with traffic information (crossing traffic above from right to left A320 ). The readback from MSX541 of maintaining FL210 was correct.

AFR640F was advised about the climbing Egypt Air aircraft.

Approaching FL210 MSX541 reports following a TCAS/RA² and is observed climbing through the cleared level.

TCAS alert was activated on both aircraft:

-MSX541 TCAS info was showing “LVL” RA, but continued climbing.

-AFR640F TCAS info showed “CLB”

Separation between the two aircraft: +/- 0.74NM / 300ft (i.s.o.5NM / 1000 ft)³

Notes on BEA terminology
¹ FL210 = 21,000 feet AMSL
² Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System / Resolution Advisory
³ +/- 0.74NM lateral separation / 300ft vertical separation


Photo of F-GKXN
Photo of SU-GAY


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